Event overview

Team overnight relay race with fixed exchange points

Date: 30/06/2018 - 01/07/2018

Start: Obří Důl, town of Pec pod Sněžkou, Krkonoše National Park, Czech Republic, 30. 6. 2018 at 17:00

Finish: Praha, Troja, 01/07/2018 early morning

Course length: 197km divided into 20, 8-12 km legs

Elevation: +2119m / -2878m

Category Normal: Team of 7 runners, man, women, mix (minimum 3 female runners, otherwise considered man team only)

Category Hardcore: Team of 5 runners, man, women, mix (minimum 2 female runners)

Category Ultra: Team of 3 runners, man, woman, mix

Price: special price until 01. 02. 2018: 1250 Kč a person, from 01. 02. 2018: 1500 Kč


Actual course is 197km long, divided into twenty, 8-12 km long segments.

Starting line is located inside a protected area of a National park of Krkonoše and it is forbidden to enter the zone using a car. For an official start, it is sufficient to attend the start by a runner no. 1 of each team.

However, the no. 1 runner can be supported at the start line by the rest of the team, but it is important for the captain of the team to make sure that the second runner is ready at the first relay point in Černý důl, which is also inaccessible by car.

Actual starting time of each team depends on the collective performance level of the team. Slower teams are to start earlier than the faster teams. Captain must supply the organisers with a time for 10km of each runner, not older than one year.

Handing over the (virtual) relay baton must take place at the specific zone, which is clearly marked. There will be a referee present at each of the 19 “handover zones” who will measure the time and oversee the hand-over.

Runners take turns in a predetermined order, which cannot be altered, unless it is allowed by race director, due to injury to the runner, or other serious unexpected circumstances.

That means that in case of a team with five runners a Hardcore category, a runner number one runs segments 1, 6, 11 and 17. Runner number two runs segments 2, 7, 12 and 17 and so on.

Team with seven members has a small advantage, where one of the runners runs only two segments.

In case of an injury a runner can be substituted by the next scheduled runner, therefore also shifting the positions of all following runners.

In case the runner gets lost, he/she must come back to the place where he/she left the course and follow the right course to the handover zone.

Teams are allowed to use two vehicles in order to move the runners around. There will logically be a situation where the vehicles meet and the last runner from the first car hands over the relay to the first runner of the second car.

Vehicles used by the teams must be clearly marked by the numbers supplied by the organizer, otherwise they might not be allowed parking near the hand-over zones. It is forbidden to park team vehicles less than 50m before the handover zone.

Every runner must wear the supplied race number. Number must be visible at all times while running.

During the night every runner must wear a high visibility vest supplied by the organizers, head-lamp and a red strobe light (cycling strobe light with a clip works great) Runners are allowed to use their own high-visibility vest only with prior consent from the organisers. It is forbidden to wear any kind of headphones, due to runner’s safety.

There is a time limit of 20 hours imposed on this race and after this time the course will be closed. Any remaining team is allowed to finish the race, but the time will not be entered into official standings.

When the last runner is approaching the finish line the rest of the team is allowed to join in and finish the race together

Traffic situation, rail crossings or other unexpected situations can slow down the runner; however the delay will not be subtracted from the overall time.

Runners must obey traffic rule no. 361/2000 of the highway code of the Czech Republic.

Organizers are not responsible for any injuries to the runners or a third party.

Organizers are not responsible for any damage to property caused by the runners or spectators.

Organizers strongly recommend getting an additional personal insurance.

Organizer reserves the right to change the rules and dates. In case of any changes taking place the captain of the team will be informed in time.

By registering for the race, you agree to the terms and agree to comply with the rules and guidelines.

Entry fee is final and non-refundable after payment.

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